FMS Supply Lists

  • Please note that all students are required to have:

    • Several Pencils

    • Earbuds

    • Tissues (brought to their 4th hour teacher)









    Communication (Mrs. Fisher)

    Folders (three-hole punched)

    3 Ring Binder

    Loose Leaf Paper



    Math/Algebra (Mr. Norland)

    Scientific Calculator with Fraction Key


    Loose-leaf paper

    1-Inch Binder

8th Grade team
  • Science (Mr. Johnson)

    Composition Notebook

    Folder & Notebook (matching colors)

    Colored pencils

    Lg. Glue Stick


    Social (Mr. Magnusson)


    Colored Pencils

  • Link to Special Education


    Health (Mr. Brandt)

    One-Subject Notebook



    Math (Mrs. Lian)

    Three-Ring Binder


    Hand Sanitizer/Clorox Wipes




  • Read 180 (Mrs. Eidelbes)

    2 Folders (one to be left in room)

    2 One-Subject notebooks

    Correcting Pen