NwALC Distance Learning Plan

  • Relationships between students, parents,  and teachers has always been a tradition at the Northwest Area Learning Center.  Our distance learning plan will use send-home packets of classroom materials that students will be responsible to work on during the course of the week. Packets will be distributed at the school on Thursdays and the previous week’s assignments will then be dropped off.


    Contact and Communication:

    • Classroom teachers will contact students daily through and cell phone calls and and Google Classroom
    • A school Remind group has been set up for students, parents, and staff for importance district and school messages
    • All staff are available for daily contact with both students and their parents. Phone Extensions for teachers have been provided
    • Direct communications with the school director is available using his cell phone.


    Learning Expectations

    • Students are expected to complete and turn in all classroom packets on a weekly basis.
    • Students are provided a classroom checklist of assignments that should be used to keep assignments organized.
    • In Google Classroom, questions that students may have should be communicated with the classroom teacher.
    • Other questions should be asked during daily communications with staff.



    • Students and parents can check their grades using Synergy and Student/Parent Vue
    • Daily attendance can also be monitored using Synergy


    Keys to Success:

    • Students need to communicate with their teachers about any difficulties they may be having using distance learning.
    • Parents and their students are strongly recommended to use the Remind App to send Loren any question they may have about distance learning.
    • Students need to stay on top of their assignments and stay current with Google Classroom discussion groups they are in.
    • Students and parents need to remember that we are here for them and they need to learn to use the school and staff as a resource.