FMS Student Council

  • Co-Advisors: 


    Amber Murry

    218.681.8813, ext. 2107


    Dalia Englund

    218.681.8813, ext. 2113


    The Franklin Middle School Student Council focused on two goals each school year.

    They are to:

    1. Maintain and improve a positive, nurturing learning environment at our building

    2. To continue to develop and reinforce a positive and caring relationship between FMS and the local community.

    Everything we do is to encompass these two goals individually or together. And we continually emphasize that all members of Student Council are part of this organization because they wish to be of service to others in our school and community.

    Our FMS Student Council, as well as it's advisor, are current member of the Minnesota Association of Student Councils. We are made up of 18 Representatives, one rep from each of our 18 Core classrooms which meet during period 4 each school day. Each of the classrooms also elects an Alternate, in case for some reason the rep can not attend or fulfill is Student Council obligations during the school year.

    We meet monthly with the entire student council, usually from 3:15-4:00 pm on the first Mondays of each month during the school year. All major events sponsored by Student Council has the reps and alternates from one of our three grades assigned to provide the leadership needed to carry out the event. That grade will "meet and eat" during their lunch periods in order to plan, advertise, etc. the event.

    Each grade of reps and alternates determines which one rep from their grade shall be on three standing committees. They are the Executive Team which helps to determine the next meeting's agenda, the Sunshine Team that show acts of caring to those students in FMS who might need that support, and the Prowler Grant Team that dispenses money raised by the FMS Fall Fundraiser to worthy school projects [This last team may not be active, depending on funds that are available].

    The advisor puts together the monthly meeting agenda. Although the advisor runs the meeting, emphasis is placed on the representative actions of our members from each of the 4th period classes. All of our Reps and alternates are expected to both bring the concerns of their classrooms to the council, and in return, to be the reporter of school wide Student Council news, and be the councils personal contact in the classroom. This is done by such things as gathering concerns the week before our monthly meetings to bring to council, and than taking personal notes from the agenda on the day of our monthly meeting to share in a short report with their period 4 classes. As well, the alternates and reps are seen to be the "go to" persons for their classroom when it comes to special announcements, promotions, etc.

    All Student Council reps and alternates are expected to be a member in good standing, following all guidelines put out by the Minnesota High School League regarding extracurricular involvement in our schools.