Superintendent’s Message to the Community


    Greetings Prowler Families and Friends.

    I am truly honored to serve as your Interim Superintendent of Schools in Thief
    River Falls, Home of the Prowlers. Thank you for your continued support of our
    schools. Strong schools and strong communities work together to make success
    happen, and a great place to live. Thief River Falls is certainly a wonderful place to
    live, learn, and work.

    In my short time living in the community of Thief River Falls, I have met many
    caring, passionate, and dedicated people who are committed to kids, committed to
    growing young leaders who can demonstrate perseverance, resilience,
    courageousness, and who care for one another over time. The community leads with

    Education is courageous work. Often, the community looks to Thief River Falls
    School District staff for leadership. Families look to their schools for inspiration
    and hope. Although we must have the courage to say we do not have all the
    answers, we are accountable. Uncertainty is a permanent part of life. This is why
    Thief River Falls Schools have strong leaders who listen, strive to communicate
    with clarity, and are passionate about growing resilient leaders today for
    tomorrow’s challenges.

    Thief River Falls School has the right people in place. Staff are accountable to
    students and families. This goes beyond today. Effective leadership leaves a
    legacy. Purposeful leadership always leads with the end in mind. Leadership is
    always a stewardship. Leaders have the responsibility to all students, to provide
    excellent opportunities in which to learn, build confidence, and passions for life.
    Greatness is more than progress. We care. We believe people matter. We believe
    each student matters. We believe every student belongs. Our greatest mission is
    to make sure every student feels a sense of belonging, importance, and uniqueness
    that is valued. Actionable evidence is a welcoming and inclusive school culture. It’s
    what we do that matters. It’s how the schools feel when you enter. We care.


    In addition, Thief River Falls School District is an exemplary school community
    because we are committed to maintaining small class sizes, to offer a variety of
    extracurricular experiences and classes embedded in authentic real-world learning.
    Often, I am asked what can families do to help their child or children be
    successful in school. My answer will always be “Find joy in your relationship with
    your child, find joy in the moment, spend as much time with them as you can, talk,
    forgive, support your child through encouraging words, tell them that a good night’s
    sleep is critical for growing a healthy brain and body, and encourage reading to
    learn daily.” Lastly, be as involved with your child as you can because they grow up
    fast. Simple but powerful. Student success begins with you however it does not end
    with you.

    TRF School district staff make developing relationships with parents a top
    priority. An important first step in building these relationships is to invite families
    to express their hopes for their child. We might ask, “What do you most want your
    child to learn in school this year?” or “What’s your greatest hope for your child in
    school this year?”

    Laying the foundation, building trust between families and schools, actively
    welcoming students and families begins relationships on a positive note.
    Highlighting school successes over time improves school-family communication.
    Staff demonstrating that they care, shows respect for all families and models
    leadership with the end in mind. Our presence is important.

    Lastly, as your interim superintendent, I am proud to serve in a community that
    truly demonstrates care for children and their schools. Thank you for your
    dedication to all of our children. We love them all and will continue to demonstrate
    this through a welcoming environment daily. Students come first! We care!

    Dr. Paula Henry
    Interim Superintendent
    Thief River Falls School District, Home of the Prowlers