Welcome to Health Services


    We are here to help you!

    Our school nurses are available by email or for nurse visits via zoom (video chat). If you would like to set up a nurse visit please email us at:


    Challenger students: mikenzie.sparby@myprowler.org

    Franklin students: nicole.wienen@myprowler.org
    Lincoln students: nicole.wienen@myprowler.org


    If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, fever) or any other health concerns we are here for you.  All health information is kept confidential between medical staff. Stay healthy!




    Health Services Nicole Wienen RN
    ISD#564 District School Nurse

    (218) 681-8813  Ext. 2307



    Mikenzie Sparby LPN

    Challenger Elementary School Nurse

    (218) 681-2345  Ext. 3711