International Traveling Team

  • German Trip Advisor: Katie Engevik

    Spanish Trip Advisor: Dane Broome


    This club is for students who travel abroad with the Spanish and/or German classes. 

    Spanish students will go to Costa Rica in June 2016 through EF Tours. This will be the first trip with Señor Broome.

    German students will go to Germany, Austria, & Switzerland in June 2017 through EF Tours. This will be the 3rd trip with Frau Jago.


    To be eligible:

    • LHS Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors are permitted to travel. 
    • Take languages level 1&2 (3/4 recommended) and earn good grades.
    • Remain in good behavioral & academic standing prior to and during travel.


    The advisors provide some fundraising opportunities to assist with the cost of travel. Families are responsible for enrolling and maintaining their account with EF Tours.

2015 German Trip

  • 2015 german trip