6th Grade Registration & Orientation

  • Every spring as we prepare to say our "goodbyes" to our outgoing 8th grade class at Franklin Middle School, we begin to welcome the next new class to our building, the incoming 6th graders. Through a series of events, we deliberately attempt to make the transition from grade school to 6th grade as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Here are the usual activities and relative time of events leading to our 6th graders first day at Franklin Middle School:
    Early April---All 5th graders will view in their 5th grade classes a video entitled, "How to Succeed in Middle School" in anticipation of their upcoming visit to Franklin Middle School.
    Mid-April to early May---All 5th grade classrooms are invited to FMS for an 1.5 hours orientation of the school, and registration for the upcoming year. They will have a quick overview of the daily schedule, look at similarities and differences in the typical school day between elementary and our school, guidelines, a question and answer time, and a tour of the building.
    Mid-May---All student registration forms for the 6th grade are gathered up by each 5th grade student's teacher, and sent to FMS.
    Mid-August-All Franklin Middle School students [including the 6th graders] are invited to the office window at FMS to pick up their "new school year packet". In that packet, each student receives their class schedule, locker number and combination, lunch number, and a variety of information sheets needed to update their files at FMS in preparation for the new school year. Students, along with their parents, are invited then to go through their class schedules-finding their classrooms, practice opening their locker combinations, and decorating them if they wish at that time [students are reminded to bring all needed decorating materials with them, so that the office staff won't be having their day interrupted by requests for scissors, tape, etc.].
    Wednesday evening before Labor Day weekend---All students and their parents are invited to come to FMS in the early evening to walk through the class schedule, meet their teachers, be introduced to the curriculum, and ask questions regarding the upcoming school year.
    First Tuesday after Labor Day---First Day of School! The warning bell rings at 8:20 am and the first class begins at 8:25 am.
    As you can see, there are many opportunities for our incoming 6th graders to transition into Franklin Middle School through formal and informal events in order that they start the school year with confidence and a growing sense that they are welcomed and belong to our school family.