9th Grade Registration for Lincoln H.S.

  • Our 8th graders start their preparation to depart Franklin Middle School usually in November of their final year with us. They take a survey/test called ACT/Explore which helps them to begin thinking about their future education and career options. Part of this exam is modeled after the kind of testing that students need to take their junior and senior years in order to see if they have the knowledge base to be accepted into post high school educational institutions. The second part is a series of questions dealing with the student's career interests. This information is then scored and returned to us in time for the actual 9th grade registration time which takes place in the early spring.

    Mid-March---All 8th graders will view a video called "Everything You Wanted to Know About High School, But were Afraid to Ask" in preparation for the first orientation and registration days that are soon to come to FMS.
    Last weeks of March---The Lincoln High School Counselors come to Franklin Middle School for a high school orientation and registration time. Over the course of three days, they meet a period a day with all of the 8th graders. During this time they go over the school calendar, daily schedules, graduation requirments, extracurriculars, and answer questions of the students. The ACT/Explore Test which was done the previous November is also reviewed and applied to the student's career goals and what high school classes will help them move in the direction of their future careers.
    Mid-August---Incoming 9th graders to Lincoln High School need to contact the LHS Counseling Office and reserve a time for an orientation to the high school and also pick up their new school year packet of information which contains their class schedules, lunch number, locker number and combination, and a variety of information sheets needed by LHS to update their student files. This orientation time is used to welcome new students, highlight some of the guidelines of the school, and provide a tour of the building.
    First Tuesday after Labor Day---First day of high school for our 9th graders.