Fees for FMS & LHS Students

  • Grades 6 – 8

    $80.00 per sport or activity.
    $40.00 (if student qualifies for free or reduced lunch)


    Grades 9 – 12

    $125.00 per sport or activity

    $60.00 (if student qualifies for free or reduced lunch)

    $150.00 for hockey

    $75.00 (if student qualifies for free or reduced lunch)

    There is a family cap of $500 per year for grades 6-12.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    The MAXIMUM fee per family is $500.00

    Any middle school student participating in a senior high school level sport/activity will pay the fee that applies to their grade NOT the level they are playing.
    Eligibility must be completed online before a student will be able to participate in a sport/activity.
    User fees must be paid before student will be able to participate in sport/activity.

    Student must have a current physical on file (3yrs or newer) before they will be able to participate in a sport/activity.
    Participants who practice or play without clearance, or paying their user fee, will become ineligible for the next contest or public appearance; unless arrangements have been made with activities office personnel.

    All fees are to be paid online at the time of registration.



    All fees to be nonrefundable starting the 6th day of the activity unless a doctor advises the participant not to continue, in which case refunds will be prorated. Participant must provide a written statement from the doctor. If a student transfers to another school, a prorated refund will be provided up until the time of the first contest or public appearance. If astudent is cut from the squad during tryouts, a full refund will be provided.
    School District #564 Activities Office will process all refund requests.