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    The Volunteer Program at Lincoln High School needs you! We start out the school year with volunteers needed for Freshman orientation, 1:1 handout, college application day and vision/hearing screenings. Two major componets of our program at Lincoln are volunteers for our Career Center and mock interviews for classsrooms. 


    The Volunteer Program at Lincoln High School has its 'headquarters' in the Career Center next to the Counseling office. The Career Center is a major source of information for students researching career paths and college options. Volunteering in the Career Center is a great way for parents/students to research scholarship and financial aid information.  STUDENTS: volunteeering looks great on scholarship applications!!


    The Career Center is open all week during school hours if you want to come in and browse through scholarship/financial aid and college information. If you have questions about our Volunteer Program or the LHS Career Center you can reach me at 218-681-7432, ext 1406, or email at jana.nelson@myprowler.org.


    Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart ~ Elizabeth Andrew

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