Third Grade Supply List

Qty Type Supply Needed
4 Dozen #2 pencils with erasers (plain yellow ones sharpen the best)
1 1" 3 ring binder w/front plastic sleeve - any color
1 Personal Backpack (no wheels)
1 Box Colored Pencils
1 Box Crayola Crayons
1 Box Crayola Markers (anysize/thickness)
1 Box Dixie cups/5 oz
1 Bag of Treats/for rewards ex. bubble gum, Dum Dums, Smarties, Starburst etc) No Chocolate please!
3 3 hole punched Folders with inside pockets
1 Boys Only Gallon Size Plastic Storage Bags
4 Large Glue Sticks
1 Pair Headphones
1 Pkg Highlighters or Expo markers
2 Large Boxes Kleenex
1 Eraser Large Pink or pkg of Pencil top
Daily Your choice - must cover mouth & nose Mask
2 Compostion Notebooks
1 Average Size Pencil box
1 3 hole punched, flat, sturdy w/zipper Pencil pouch/bag
1 Pkg Post-It Notes (large or small)
1 Girls Only Quart Size Plastic Storage Bags
2 Large Pkgs Snacks to share (cereal, crackers, popcorn etc)
2 Large Packages Snacks to share. Ex. Cereal, pretzels, popcorn etc.
2 70ct Spiral Notebooks - Wide Ruled
1 Pair Tennis Shoes for Gym (can be kept in locker if necessary)
  • If you want to send any extra of anything on our supply list, we would really appreciate it! Also, if you have trouble finding items or just can't purchase supplies right now, please don't worry! We will make do with what we have.

    We will be having a few parties throughout the year and are asking for $6 from each student at the beginning of the year. That way we don't have to collect each time.

    Thank you!