Second Grade Supply List

  • There may be additional items needed by individual teachers. Your child's teacher will send these items to you in their fall welcome back letter. 


    Please do not bring backpacks with wheels, Trapper Keepers, fidget spinners, collectable cards, toys, mechanical pencils, pencil grippers, fancy pencils or pens that cannot be shared by others.



Qty Type Supply Needed
12 Ticonderoga #2 yellow pencils with erasers
1 No Wheels Backpack
1 Pkg Black Expo Whiteboard Markers
1 Bag Classroom Treats - individually wrapped ex. Dum Dums, Laffy Taffy, Smarties etc. No Chocolate & No Peanuts Please!
1 Box Colored Pencils
1 24 ct Crayola Crayons
1 Box Crayola Washable Markers -Thin Tip
1 Box Crayola Washable Markers - Wide Tip
1 Boys Only Gallon Plastic Storage Bags
6 Large Gel Glue Sticks
2 Yellow Highlighters
1 Large Box Kleenex
1 Composition Notebook
1 Plastic Pencil Box
1 Bag or Box Shared Snack ex. crackers, popcorn, cookies etc.
1 Girls Only Snack Size Plastic Storage Bags
2 70 Ct Spiral Notebook Wide Ruled
1 Pair Tennis Shoes for Gym (can be kept in locker if necessary)
1 3 Hole Punched Two Pocket Folder (no metal brads inside)