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  • Welcome to the Physical Education Deptartment!

    Our goal is to help children find a variety of ways to enjoy being physically active so that they will be able to get all of the physical, emotional, intellectual and social benefits that come to someone who is physically active throughout his or her life.

    At Challenger your child receives 50 minutes (25 mins. for Kindergarten every day) of physical education every other day. The program has been designed to focus on three major areas that contribute to one’s physical health and well being:

    • Movement concepts: In the early grades, for example, the program emphasizes the variety of ways we travel (e.g. running, skipping, hopping), changes of directions and speeds, and different ways to balance, jump and land.
    • Fundamental motor skills: Basic skills such as throwing, kicking, volleying, and striking are taught in the primary grades. In the upper grades the children are taught how to use these fundamental skills in game and sports, and various forms of rhythmical movement.
    • Wellness concepts: These include ways to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. As a teacher I recognize that children are at different developmental levels, with a variety of needs and interests. For this reason, we will attempt to provide all of the children with learning experiences that are both beneficial and enjoyable. Each lesson is adjusted to take into account the wide range of skill and fitness levels in the class.


    We are very proud of the physical education program that is being developed by the TRF district teachers and look forward to a great year! 

    ~ Todd Prickett, Brett Johnson

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