• The major Student Council school year events are listed below with a general time frame given for each:

    1. First two weeks of September---FMS Fall Fundraiser. Money raised in the fall supports special events throughout FMS in all of the grades for that school year. It promotes reading in all classes, class trips, reward days, etc. As well it provides start up money each year for Student Council, and a major part of the activities on the last day of school called the MegaParty! 
    2. Second Friday of September---Welcome Back Dactivity! [Dactivity=dance+activity time] Indoor and outdoor activities for all students-dance, basketball, video games, etc.
    3. Second to Last Friday of First Quarter [End of October]---Harvest Dactivity. "Good student" qualifier in effect. All students can attend that have all school work done, and/or five or fewer misbehavior points with the principals. Those who have school work out, will have a study hall to get it the make up work done and than are free to celebrate the dactivity.
    4. Random Acts of Kindness Week---Mid-February. A week of events will be put together to encourage kindness.
    5. Second to last Friday of Second Quarter---Mid January. Random Acts of Kindness Dactivity. Good student qualifier in effect.
    6. Mid March---March Madness Week. Week of theme dress, fund raisers, etc.
    7. Second to last Friday of Third Quarter-March Madness Dactivity. Good student qualifier in effect.
    8. MegaParty/Last Blast---Last day of school year. All day dactivity-a celebration of the year!