Prowler Academy Guidelines

  • Some important information for you to know about these after school sessions of Prowler Academy:


    1. Reading, Math, and study skills are emphasized throughout the sessions. 
    2. Bus rides home will be given to those who request them after each day’s meeting if the student lives 1 mile or more from FMS.  All FMS students riding will board the bus in the north parking lot at FMS and then travel to CES where they will transfer to their bus along with CES students involved in Booster Club that will take them to their homes.  Students will get their bus numbers at the first Prowler Academy meeting.
    3. Snacks will be available every day we meet.  These snacks consist of milk or fruit juice, and healthy chips, crackers, etc.  Students must either take both the drink and food, or no items for each day.  The cost of the snack will be deducted from the student’s lunch account.  Free or reduced rates apply.
    4. Our teachers who will be running the class activities are Ms. Darci Geiser, and Ms. Mary Anderson.  Both of them are highly experienced educators.
    5.  If your student is absent from Prowler Academy, I will be contacting parents at home to let you know on that day they are missing.  We encourage our students to have very good attendance.  If your student cannot make an after school meeting, please let one of their Prowler Academy teachers or myself know before the day he/she is absent. 
    6. Students will be eligible to receive coupons from area stores for free/reduced costs on food and other items based on good attendance, positive attitude, and cooperative behavior. 
    7. Prowler Academy is considered as an extension of the school day and all school rules apply.  Personal cell phones, and other communications technologies will not be used by students during the meeting times.  We encourage cell phones be used between the ending of school at 3:00 pm, and the beginning of Prowler Academy at 3:10, or after it is over at 4:20.  Ipads may be used by students if needed by them and requested by teachers for lesson purposes only.


    If you ever have any questions or concerns about Prowler Acadmeny, please contact the school office.